One in four full-time employed residents in the Commonwealth are at or near the poverty line. Nearly half of all part-time workers are at or near the poverty line.

While it’s true that wealth – or, more specifically, lack of wealth – has very little to do with substance use addiction, the relationship between poverty, substance use, and mental health is complicated:

  • Stress is a key factor in relapse.
  • Financial hardship can result in emotional and physical stress, along with feelings of hopelessness.
  • It’s often impossible to maintain employment when struggling with untreated co-occurring disorders.

VOAMASS is a C-TECH Broadband Academy site, where students engage in short-term training that teach them real-world skills using a hands-on training approach. After obtaining an in-demand skill set, students are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce. Graduates receive certification as a Network Cabling Specialist, an industry recognized credential, and the preparation for entry-level jobs in the telecommunication industry.

VOAMASS operates employment programs with integrated supportive services. We guide and help our clients identify training areas of interest, gain competencies and credentialed training for employment in in-demand industries, and have a supportive team to ensure their success.

VOAMASS designs workforce development programs, in partnership with employers and traning providers, to help our clients take their next step in life.