“VOAMASS delivers
transformative change
throughout our communities,
making enormous differences
in so many lives.”

Jim Goldinger, Former Board Chairman, VOAMASS

Our work matters because the stakes have never been higher. The toll of economic, behavioral health, and social inequities demands all our best if we are to succeed together.

Increasing social and wealth disparities have led to a mental health and substance use disorder pandemic so painful and destructive that over the past decade, our national life expectancy has dropped for the first time in a century. 

At VOAMASS, we believe we can do better.

The care we provide paves the way for greater opportunity and second chances by focusing on the critical pillars towards a healthy life: behavioral health, financial stability, and safe housing.

By providing behavioral health, case management, employment, and housing services across an integrated platform, VOAMASS serves thousands of individuals across the Commonwealth annually. Accomplishments include:


    • Providing 120+ beds across six residential programs totaling more than 40,000 combined hours annually of substance use and mental health disorder treatment
    • Coordinating services to keep 200 veteran-led families from experiencing homelessness
    • Leading job training programs for homeless veterans that resulted in $17/hr average wage employment
    • Launching telehealth at the onset of COVID-19, cutting time to meet with clinicians by 57% (from 7 days to 4 days)
    • Serving  a re-entry population through our Medication Assisted Treatment program that resulted in a recidivism rate four time lower than national averages