“To change our clients' lives
is a complex process.
We are up for the challenge."

We are committed to serving the whole person.

Through our powerful integrated behavioral health model, VOAMASS brings together vast resources from a diverse team of caring staff to help each client meet their personal goals. Our team develops individualized strategies to help our clients successfully navigate their lives and relationships and address issues like behavioral health, housing and employment.


One Organization Coming Together


Every person receiving employment or housing services will have access to clinical treatment.


Every person in clinical treatment will have access to employment and housing services.


Every person served will be supported by a well- coordinated, cross-disciplinary care team.


Every person touched will receive whole-person trauma informed care.

Behavioral Health Services and Telehealth

We offer Behavioral Health Services for mental health and substance use disorders through two outpatient community clinics and through Telehealth services. Our services include counseling and medication management, and we specialize in a wide variety of behavioral health issues and treatment modalities.

Our team of professionals and clinicians are committed to identifying individual needs, working through barriers and developing proactive strategies to help our clients successfully navigate their lives and relationships.

Residential Treatment Services

VOAMASS offers residential treatment services for individuals experiencing a mental health and/or substance use disorder through homes located in the Greater Boston area.


Women’s Hello House: Residential treatment program providing holistic services to women with a substance use disorder.


Shiloh House, Men’s Hello House – Mass Ave, and Men’s Hello House – Burt Street: 

Co-occurring enhanced residential recovery programs for individuals who have both a substance use disorder and a mental health diagnosis.

Veteran Services

VOAMASS serves more than 650 veterans and their families annually through the following:

Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center (MBVC) – A warm and welcoming transitional living center, MBVC provides a supportive environment for veterans to focus on substance use and mental health treatment, permanent housing planning, employment assistance, and individual and group counseling.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families – A team of veterans and caring civilians committed to increasing housing stability and enhancing independent living skills.

Veterans Employment Network – The Network empowers veterans by putting them on the path to obtaining meaningful work.

Re-entry and Diversion Services

The statistics call for action:

    • One in three previously incarcerated men seek employment but remain jobless
    • One in three inmates have been previously incarcerated
    • Massachusetts spends more than $55,000 annually on each incarcerated inmate

VOAMASS recognizes the toll incarceration can take on a person, a family, and a community. As a result, we offer a host of programs that divert individuals from the justice system and reintegrate those who are already a part of it.

Workforce Development

VOAMASS focuses on skills development, job training, and wraparound services to help clients achieve long term employment success and, with it, financial independence.

Senior Assisted Living Communities

VOAMASS offers three options for independent and assisted living for seniors. Our communities provide gracious accommodations, a full range of support services and many amenities at reasonable monthly rates. All offer seniors a secure, supportive, enriching lifestyle and community. 

Nashoba Park Assisted Living 

Concord Park Assisted Living 

Forestdale Park Assisted Living and Memory Care 

Our communities are managed by Senior Living Residences of Braintree, MA. 

All communities are licensed by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.