Treatment Services

130 people die from opioid overdose every day in America.
In Massachusetts, our rate of opioid-related deaths is two times the national average.

VOAMASS offers residential treatment services for individuals experiencing substance use disorders and co-occurring treatment for individuals diagnosed with both a substance use and mental health disorder. Our services include:


Co-capable Model for Men and Women – Residential treatment programs which provide holistic services to individuals with a substance use disorder.


Co-occurring Treatment Model – Providing recovery programs for individuals who have both a substance use disorder and a mental health diagnosis.


Opening in the 1960s, Men’s Hello House was our first residential treatment program. It assists clients in identifying the underlying causes that can contribute to substance use.


VOAMASS operates the Women’s Hello House in Dorchester and its Men’s Hello House in the South End. Both programs are staffed 24/7.


The co-capable model provides a structured environment for clients to learn and develop the tools necessary to live a full life, substance-free. While in the program, residents participate in recovery support groups (AA/NA/SMART Recovery, etc.), individual counseling, recovery education groups, and case management to address their unique needs, while receiving Behavioral Health Services, court and family court support, and legal advocacy.


Treatment is based on medical necessity and is tailored toward an individuals treatment goals


For those with substance use and mental health problems


In 2019, VOAMASS expanded our treatment services with the addition of two licensed residential co-occurring treatment programs. The co-occurring model is a recovery home for clients with co-occurring behavioral health and substance use disorders. In addition to a substance use disorder diagnosis, eligible clients also present a moderate to severe behavioral health condition.


VOAMASS operates a Women’s co-occurring program (Shiloh House) in  Jamaica Plain and a Men’s co-occurring program (Burt Street) in Dorchester.


Staffed by a clinically trained team, the program specializes in offering client-centered, trauma-informed care based on a harm reduction


Who is eligible?

Co-capable admission and treatment for clients who are experiencing barriers to admission to more traditional recovery services. These clients usually have issues related to drug addiction and alcoholism that other services may not have the expertise or supports to address. These issues include:

  • HIV/AIDS status
  • Dual diagnosis with MH and addiction
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Prescription of controlled substances and use of syringes for administration of medications.

Our programs provide a comprehensive assessment for each individual we serve.  We assess closely to ensure that we are providing specialized care to individuals within the LGBTQ and re-entry communities. 

Co-occurring Model

Our co-occurring programs treat individuals who have been diagnosed as having both a substance use disorder and moderate to severe behavioral health condition and who have:

  • Experienced at least one of the following events
  • An inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  • At least two emergency department and/or ESP visits
  • Unsuccessful engagement and/or inability to succeed in other community-based services due to psychosocial or clinical complexity related to substance use and/or behavioral health disorders
  • Gone through withdrawal management and any symptoms of post-acute withdrawal are manageable in a community setting.

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