Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is fundamental to all the services we provide at VOAMASS. We know that unless people have control over themselves emotionally and psychologically, they can’t reach the level of progress they aspire to.

Behavioral Health Services is VOAMASS’ outpatient treatment service. It includes both Telehealth and in-person offices conveniently located in Quincy and Taunton.

Our clinical care team is committed to identifying your individual needs, working through barriers, and developing proactive strategies. VOAMASS follows a whole-person approach that treats anxiety, depression, self-esteem, school problems, substance use disorders, and a range of other issues.

Behavioral Health Services involves both prevention and intervention – and believes mental well-being to be an integral piece in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


Behavioral Health Services provides individual, couples, family counseling and group therapy for telehealth and in-person services. Services include:

  • Thorough medication evaluations

  • Individualized medication management plans

  • Coordinated treatment across the entire clinical care team

  • Comprehensive person-centered evaluations

  • Individualized treatment based on your needs

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